“Graffiti is beautiful; like a brick in the face of a cop.”

Hunter S. Thompson

Whether it’s sprayed, stenciled, written, or scratched, graffiti is a truly global language. It can be found everywhere; from the least hospitable backstreets in the darkest recesses of the world, to the walls of the temples to Art.

Between the extremes is what I call “urban decoration”—street art that fills otherwise blank spaces and projects some texture, color, pattern, or message into our lives. Not all of it is performed by the skilled hands of a would-be Banksy, and not all of it is trying to communicate anything beyond “I was here,” but sometimes just having something to break up the monotony of a gray wall on a gray day is enough.

As with all my work, prints are available in a range of sizes (at very reasonable prices!). I’m working on a sales site, but for now, just contact me if you’re interested in buying (or commissioning) any work.